global payment solutions for international corporates

We offer a modern and sophisticated payment platform for your international corporate entity with access to SEPA and Swift to receive and make global payments in several currencies.


Swiss roots – global reach


Founded by four Swiss lawyers and part of a Swiss financial services group, MATTERHORNPAY offers an innovative solution to a global need: a transactional bank account for international payments.

Gain access to SEPA and Swift payments in numerous currencies. We offer a transactional account for corporate clients from around the globe. The list of accepted jurisdictions and activities includes most popular company domiciles and activities.


Trustworthy and reliable platform


Our payment solutions provide dedicated IBAN accounts from a trustworthy Western European jurisdiction with the ultimate counterparty risk lying with a solid global banking group.

MATTERHORNPAY offers a safe and reliable payment platform.

Via your secure access to a modern and sophisticated online account management tool, you can execute your payments, track your account balances and manage your transactions, giving you 24/7 remote access to your account.

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Global financial solutions


MATTERHORNPAY offers a modern and secure solution for your global payment and foreign exchange needs. Apply for an account opening today to receive access to your corporate account.


Opening an account through MATTERHORNPAY is a pragmatic process, which can be completed remotely. We ask you to fill in an account application form and share your corporate documents for our review. Upon review of your account application, your corporate account is ready.




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Malta company managing a luxury yacht


A Swedish gentleman owns a luxury yacht and holds it through a Maltese company. He receives charter income and needs to make payments for maintenance, the marina and fuel. His banks refused to open an account for this company.

MATTERHORNPAY offers an ideal solution for his company, giving him a safe and reliable tool to receive international payments and make transfers.

Open your account today!

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MATTERHORNPAY is a modern and sophisticated fintech platform for all your payment needs.

Fill in our account application form and contact us via email to open your account today!