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about         MATTERHORNPAY

Innovation leads the way for exciting opportunities in the fintech industry


The rise of open finance and digital adoption, coupled with regulatory innovation, has created exciting opportunities in the fintech industry by bringing together digital payment processing and open banking to create more customer-friendly and easy-to-use financial services for global business customers.


MATTERHORNPAY leverages these transformations in the digital, technological and regulatory environment to offer an innovative payment platform for global business customers.

A strong team for reliable results

To provide safe and reliable payment solutions, MATTERHORNPAY relies on the banking expertise and technological support of strong cooperation partners.


We coordinate the onboarding and due diligence of corporate clients throughout the account application process and act as the key contact point for our corporate clients.


MATTERHORNPAY identifies suitable payment solutions for its clients from a range of well-established and tested Electronic Money Institutions and Payment Institutions. All cooperation partners are licensed and regulated in Western Europe or the US and fulfill the high quality standards of MATTERHORNPAY with regard to service quality, counterparty risk and prompt customer service. 

Swiss roots - global reach

MATTERHORNPAY was founded by four Swiss finance professionals and is managed by a team of financial experts with long-standing experience in the financial industry. MATTERHORNPAY is part of a Swiss financial services group and benefits from its global reach to Asia, Middle East and Latin America and its team of experienced financial specialists.

Matterhorn - a majestic mountain and symbol of Switzerland

The majestic local mountain of Zermatt is a landmark for Switzerland. The symmetrical pyramid shape, the rock tooth jutting into the sky and the light reflections in the surrounding mountain lake make the landscape of the mountain region around the Matterhorn a unique natural spectacle.

In keeping with our Swiss roots and as a sign of reliability and stability, we have chosen the iconic mountain as our company name. Matterhorn is a protected trademark owned by the Matterhorn's home municipality, Zermatt in the beautiful Valais. We are delighted that Zermatt has allowed us to carry the name around the world under a license agreement.

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